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PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 21, 2014 Business Book Summary of Defending Your Brand

EBSCO Publishing has just released a new book summary. In Defending Your Brand, Tim Calkins outlines a comprehensive strategy for formulating defensive strategies. Cognizant of the many ethical and moral quandaries inherent in formulating a corporate defensive strategy, Calkins provides detailed advice for effectively dealing with the competition in an increasingly globalized marketplace. Calkins also deals frankly with gray areas and questionable business practices that might arise from attempting to outmaneuver the competition.

Tim Calkins offers readers the following advice:

·         The very topic of defensive strategy is an ethical and moral minefield. Nevertheless, defensive strategy is critical to the long-term success of any company.

·         Defensive strategy matters because it is closely linked to the core financials of a company and its competitors. If a competitor can be convinced that entering the marketplace is a bad financial gambit, then that competitor will exit the arena.

·         Competitive intelligence is important for a company to continue to thrive. Uncovering information about the competition enables a company to create and deploy defensive strategies at the appropriate time.

·         Developing a defense plan involves working quickly. Defensive efforts are more likely to work when deployed quickly, and moving fast also allows a company the time needed to maximize its options.

·         Innovators looking to launch new products often overlook the defense plan when preparing to enter the market. Launching a new product involves both considering how current players will react when the new product enters the marketplace, as well as how new companies will approach the marketplace after the new product has become available.

·         The legality of certain defensive tactics varies from country to country. A company should work in concert with its legal team when formulating its defensive strategy.

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