Telco Management’s investment in company culture proves successful over the years


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 25, 2014VANCOUVER, Canada Telco’s investment in team play and company culture is still proving advantageous, leading to a positive impact across all aspects of the company’s international contact center in Vancouver, Canada.  Over the years, Telco has instilled a strong team ethic and a group performance attitude in all areas, and this, they believe, is what makes their whole operation a success.  For this reason, the company remains committed to a multicultural recruitment strategy, maintaining its historical location in the heart of the city.

While nurturing individual potential, Telco Management has also strategically created a truly international working environment, where people of many cultures and backgrounds can thrive by joining together with a common goal; the managers at Telco believe they have a formula that quite simply works.

“Since the beginning over 23 years ago, it has been a mandate by the founders to develop a company that prospers in a true international environment and to leverage that by attracting diversified and highly skilled staff members with employment opportunity and personal growth. That philosophy still remains within the fabric of the operation today,” stated a senior-level Telco spokesperson.

Even though individual targets and goals are commonplace, the focus is still placed on the team effort and performance, and this company culture proves fruitful, allowing Telco Management to expand in that direction.  To this day, special attentions is given to ongoing offsite activities and training, with team building being central to the overall working philosophy, while group activities are essential for that nurturing and spotting each and everyone’s individual skills.

As Telco has grown, the basis and ideals of its company culture have remained in place, improved upon and reassessed, which has lead to a thriving workplace in which members of each team have both separate and combined goals. Telco is proud of its diversity, it’s culture and its committed staff who have both embraced and assisted in watching the company develop internally and externally over the years.

About Telco

Telco Management is an established international call center located in Vancouver, British Columbia. For over 23 years the company has developed direct marketing professionals that are to this day proudly serving global clients with continued success. As an industry leader, the company has primarily focused on overseas sales and marketing operations.  The Telco contact center is a multilingual workplace and although business is conducted primarily in English, agents also communicate to clients in their preferred language such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

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