Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment – PS4 – Return to SAO (English Trailer)


What if the story in Sword Art Online had gone beyond the 75th floor? (Re)discover a brand new story with Re:Hollow Fragment on PlayStation 4. Join the community on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sword-Art-Online-Video-Games/308419149358892

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  1. Ive benn waiting for this game to be released on the ps4.???????

  2. pleas someone tell me when it well be realised within austrlia my friend is dying to know if Australia we be able to buy this game in disc form but if its only on the store pleas still tell me

  3. No English dub, no buy. Cherami is the only Asuna for me. Stop being lazy Namco and give an English dub to your games:/

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