SVB Group release two coolest mapping analytics solutions


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SVB Group release two coolest mapping analytics solutions

Friday, 28 February 2014, Melbourne Australia. SVB Group is truly delighted to share with you the launch of our two new cutting edge products that create visually stunning maps and present the analytics with maps well within Microsoft Excel.

There are lot of products out there, how is it different? Penetration, usability and low cost are the answer.

With Almost a billion users of Microsoft Excel worldwide this is going to make life so easy for users in Financial Services, Retail, Crime Analysis, Healthcare, Franchise management and many more areas said one of the early users.

With the key goal of democratizing analytics, SVB Group has decided to provide it free of charge for not for profits and charities.  It is certainly going to make learning lots of fun said one of the teachers with Geography teachers association of Victoria.

The current market leading tools are complex and expensive to use. The vision of SVB Group is to make them easy to use and inexpensive and with a global reach. SVB Group is actively working in analytics and big data area and looks to democratize analytics for end users extending their reach and create opportunities beyond top tier firms. CEO and Founder Sameer Babbar, added.

Please feel free to checkout the links and the products themselves Trial product is available for free to your users. For any questions please feel free to email or call at contact details provided.

Additional Info.

SVB Mapper at Products/Excel- Addins/SVB-Mapper

1.Geocode address data and show the address on the map within MS Excel.
2.Create heat maps from Microsoft Excel data .
3.Identify cluster or concentration and represent them on a map .
4.Select geocoded points by drawing polygons and use for further analysis.
5.Perform statistical analysis on selected data.
6.Use the map within other applications.
7.Upload GPX files.
8.Provides a quick summary of pin concentration.

SVB Surface at Products/Excel- Addins/SVB-Surface

1.Perform Mapping within Microsoft Excel using polygon data.
2.Use map data including ESRI Shapefiles, MapInfo tab and Google formats.
3.Generate heat maps with number of classification techniques.
4.Select features by drawing points (with buffer), lines or polygons.
5.Perform statistical analysis on selected data.
6.Use the map within other applications.
7.Label data including creating halo around labels.
8.Superimpose pie charts, bar charts and text based on multiple features.

We are also giving away a copy of Randy Bartlett’s book “A practitioners guide to Business Analytics” for interesting and useful success stories shared with us at

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