Spring Allergies, Pollen & Mold Discussed in New Video


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 30, 2014PHOENIX Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of their latest educational video.  Their newest production discusses seasonal spring allergies and exposure to pollen and mold.

Seasonal allergies are often caused by exposure to pollen and mold spores that are released into the air in high levels during the spring season.  “When people who are allergic to these substances come into contact with them, their immune system produces antibodies that attack the allergens,” said Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane and Associates, the company behind the IAQ Video Network and the new public outreach video.  “Histamines are released into the body and trigger the allergic reactions so common to many people.  These air quality contaminants can be a concern to both people enjoying the outdoor weather and even those indoors as the allergens can often enter buildings through open doors and windows, on people’s clothes, and through the HVAC system where they may even accumulate.We hope this video helps to shed some light on spring allergies.”

This educational video was sponsored by a number of organizations and leading industry professionals that help to protect the public’s health. Sponsors include: EMSL Analytical, LA Testing, Mold Solutions & FastMoldRemoval.com, Clark Seif Clark, Zimmetry Environmental, ProcessMAP, Envirotech Clean Air and Healthy Indoors magazine to name a few.

To view this video please visit: www.youtube.com/ watch?v=qfKxjfK- f_0

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About Cochrane & Associates, LLC & the IAQ Video Network

Cochrane & Associates is a business development, public relations and marketing consulting firm that specializes in the environmental, HVAC, mold and indoor air quality industries. The company has worked with many of the industries’ leading institutions and companies and continues to be an innovator in the industry. They are also the driving force behind the IAQ Video Network.

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