Speed Dating Success Guide Released on AMAZON.COM


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 24, 2014NEW YORK Forget relying on random chance or luck to get a woman’s attention fast.  A new strategy guide to successful speed dating has just been released exclusively to Amazon.com.  And author Drew Michaels says that anyone can use it to interact with women more effectively and make an instant lasting impression.

Just released this month, “The Ultimate Guide to Speed Dating Success – How Guys Can Step Up, Stand Out, and Make a Lasting Impression In Only Five Minutes” details a more streamlined approach to speed dating for guys who never know what to say when the clock is ticking.  According to Michaels, it has quietly been stirring up a lot of buzz, garnering a reputation as an efficient resource for getting women to say ‘yes’ to taking the next step and going on a real first date.

“Most guys have trouble on speed dating events because the whole situation feels awkward to both them and the women they’re meeting.” notes Michaels. “But the truth is it doesn’t have to be that way.  Even though the logistics of the event impose difficult time constraints and create feelings of confusion and lack of control, all you have to do is make a few slight adjustments to how you’re handling yourself and before you know it, the women will forget all about how weird the date is – at least until the next guy sits down after you.”

The book is the first official release of Michaels’ new website, HigherLevelDating.com, and based on reviews from its Amazon page, the content seems to focus heavily on female psychology, conversation technique, why typical dating behavior doesn’t work in speed dating, and what to do instead.  But according to Michaels, the most important goal of the work is to demystify the process behind those early key moments when a first impression is made.

“People look at speed dating like it’s some high pressure job interview, and that’s exactly why most of them have so much trouble getting any real dates out of it.  But there’s a completely different way of handling it, and it only takes a few simple adjustments to change your results.  All you need is an easy way of spotting what you’ve done wrong in the past and replacing it with behavior that is much more attractive.  That’s where my strategies come in.”

“The Ultimate Guide to Speed Dating Success” is now available exclusively at Amazon.com.

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