Spaced Out Magazine Launches New Way To Travel


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 28, 2014ATLANTA With partnerships from just about every major booking engine, SOM travelers has become the one stop shop without looking too far for all your travel and vacation needs. Everytime the average consumer gets ready to travel they are always overwhelmed by the numerous amount of sites there are for booking and discount promotions. Now that will no longer be an issue! Spaced Out Magazine presents its best kept secret for anyone looking to travel.

For many years talks of a travel partnership with NASDAQ’s and Expedia has been in the works and after sometime they coming to a close. With already locked in and Expedia on the table Spaced Out Magazine has given travel back to consumers with ease. As Spaced Out Magazine grows to be a bigger entity it will endeavor many aspects to the industries it has cultivated.

SOM Travelers will be available to the public on March 1, 2014. Be ready to book your travel from all of your favorite vacation/travel sites all in one place.

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