Soul Topics App Provides Much Needed Help and Hope


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 22, 2014JACKSONVILLE, Fla. The vision of Soul Topics creator Cynthia Montello came to life with the release of the new app that provides help, encouragement, comfort and hope to people for 118 different life issues.  Topics range from abortion, addiction, anxiety, cancer, children, depression, fear, marriage, worry and everything in between.

“The idea came to me in church one morning and we haven’t stopped yet,” said Montello.  “Each topic has seven scriptures that provide easy to find support and answers.”  Over 800 scriptures were hand-picked to provide well-rounded support for each topic.  “I wanted it to be much more than just a topical bible.  I wanted you to get a full perspective about that topic and how God views you and what you are going through and the encouragement, love and help to get you through it.”

Cynthia Montello has spent 25 years in various ministries from prison to inner city to homelessness.  She is a strong women’s advocate and has held many conferences for battered and homeless women to help them gain a new perspective on their life, see their worth through God’s eyes and find hope and faith to get through the hard times.  “Trouble isn’t there just for the broken and lost in life,” said Montello.  “Life can hit you hard no matter who you are.  We all have struggles to deal with and having the Word of God at your fingertips in an easy to find format is perfect. The response is tremendous and I am so grateful that I can share the Word of God in this way.”

The app is also a helpful tool for people who aren’t always sure where to find scriptures in the Bible.  Scriptures arranged by topic makes finding what you are looking for very easy.

Soul Topics app is available in Android and Apple and can be found in the App Stores.  The website is and there is a blog on the website with helpful insights into some of life’s issues.

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