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PIETERMARITZBURG, South AfricaOct. 2, 2015PRLog — Our twelve modules to a page one ranking includes a variety of search engine optimization and techniques that will help your website rank higher in search engines. We focus on a variety of factors that affects your website’s ranking to ensure your website gets a well-balanced seo diet.

Module 1: Keyword Research

The first module of our seo solution is keyword research. This is one of the most important steps to take with a new search engine optimization campaign, and even with an existing search engine optimization campaign.

Module 2: On-page Recommendations

Once we have completed our first module, keyword research, we will move on to analyzing your website. During this process, we will take a variety of factors into account, and determine where and how your website can improve its on-page search engine optimization.

Module 3: Bad Link Analysis

Our first two modules include a complete keyword research campaign, as well as an on-page analysis of your website. Once we are done with these two modules, we will move on to analyzing the existing backlinks to your website.

Although backlinks are an important part of building up your website’s search engine optimization and ranking your website higher in search engines, it is also important to note that there is such a thing as bad backlinks.

During this process, we will take a look all of the backlinks pointing to your website, and we will send you a complete report of all the bad backlinks we could find.

Module 4: Video Creation & Submission

This is the first monthly module within our twelve modules to a first-page ranking. Module four through twelve will be repeated once a month in order to build up your website’s search engine optimization, and to rank your website higher in search engines. It is important to perform these modules at least once every month in order to keep your current high rankings as well – remember that there is always competition trying to outrank you.

During the process of module four, we will create a professional and unique video for your website, showcasing the best of your website, whether you are selling something or simply showcasing your skills, or even blogging about your life.

Module 5: Press Release Creation & Submission

It is also important to notify the world of your services – starting your own website is completely different than starting your own local business. With a local business, you are in front of everyone, but with a website, no one will know of your existence unless you tell them about it. And a great way to tell the world about your website is through a press release.

We have a great team of professional English writer who will write a professional, high quality and search engine optimized press release for your website, explaining what you offer and exposing some information about your business to the public.

Once your press release has been completed, we will also submit your press release to various top rated press release distribution agencies, including PR Buzz, My PR Genie and more, without any extra costs or subscription fees to you. The goal here is to put your press release in front of thousands of journalists, bloggers and others looking to spread the news about literally anything.

We will also get your press release into Google News and Bing News, which means even more exposure for your website.

Module 6: High PR Permanent Homepage Blogpost

This module includes a permanent homepage blog post on a high PageRank domain. We will do this for you once every month in order to improve your website’s organic search engine ranking over time in a natural way.

The blogs and websites we will be using to do the homepage blog posts are all between PR2 and PR7, and can sometimes be as high as PR9.

These type of backlinks to your website are highly valuable and probably one of the best sources of backlinks.

Module 7: High PR Web2.0 Pyramid

During Module seven, we will create various web2.0 pages on highly ranked web2.0 websites (ranked from PR2 to PR9). We will be using various pictures and videos for these entries, and we will follow up on this process by bookmarking these new pages at various social bookmarking platforms.

Module 8: EDU Blogpost

EDU backlinks are like diamonds – Google and other search engines love them, and they can boost the search engine ranking of your website tremendously.

This is why our eight module includes an EDU blog post on a blog hosted on top US university domains. By adding a blog post with a backlink to your website on one of these privately hosted domains, your website’s organic search engine ranking will increase.

Module 9: Manual Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is a process of creating high-quality backlinks to your website on different social platforms like Digg and Delicious.

We will create high-quality social bookmarks for your website once every month on high PageRank social bookmarking sites. This will give your website’s search engine ranking a nice boost as well.

Module 10: Social Signals

Talking about social bookmarks, did you know that social signals are just as important?

We will create social signals for your website that includes on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.

Module 11: PDF Submission

After creating your manual social bookmarks and backlinks to your website, we will also create a PDF report for your website.

The PDF report will contain information about your niche, products, services or whatever your website is about.

Module 12: Wiki

Wiki backlinks are a great way of generating high-quality backlinks for your website, and also an amazing way to constantly boost the rankings of your website in search engine rankings.

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