RepairTech Releases Powerful New Version of Flagship Repair Utility


PRLogJune 19, 2015SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. RepairTech, Inc. an IT company dedicated to revolutionizing the way technicians perform computer repair, has released a new version of their flagship product, TechWARU. This is TechWARU version 1.5.0

This is the mindmelting, brain enhancing version, it allows you to stare into the sun and not go blind. It is 5000% more tech, and 1.35.093 percent more incredible than the last versions. Your grandmum would be proud. It features a highly durable outsole that allows you to run faster, with less required energy. Go faster than lightspeed but slower than a glacier. Again, your grandmum would be proud.

New Feature: TechWARU is now pre-authenticated when downloaded and will authenticate without the need to enter credentials.

New Feature: TechWARU’s Assets folder is no longer wrapped into the executable and is now downloaded instead. This greatly reduces the size of the TechWARU executable and makes it much more portable.

Learn more here: 2015/06/19/techwaru- 1-5-0-epic-updates/

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