Removing Your Cell Phone Number from Google People Search


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 15, 2014 wants to ensure that your private information stays private and can only be released to the people you wish and at the right time.  In doing so, would like to encourage everyone to search their cell phone number in Google to ensure their private cell phone number stays private unless you want certain people conducting a people search to receive this information.  Those wishing to remove their cell phone number from public Google searches can go to Google, enter their cell phone number with dashes to first find out if their cell phone number is searchable when conducting a Google people search.  If you find your cell phone or address and want to have it removed search the term “Google phonebook name removal”, click on the first entry and enter your information.  All private contact information will be removed from Google people searches within 48 hours.  However, you may want to have your cell phone number listed privately somewhere online while having control over your private information as you never know who may be searching your cell phone number.  Old friends, relatives, and classmates are people that you may want to connect with but would be unable to if they cannot find you. is now providing a solution to those who do not want their cell phone number listed in public people search ( )es, but still want to remain searchable with options for privacy.  A free people search profile can be created by going to and entering your information in their simple people search profile creation form.  All information is completely private, protected by the most secure encryption, and will never be sold to others.  Now, any time someone conducts a people search for your cell phone number, they can go to the new, clean and easy phonebook at  With the addition of free people search filters available at, you will be informed of anyone conducting a people search with your information.  You will be e-mailed requesting permission to either allow the release of your private cell phone number or deny the release of this information giving you complete control over your people search results.  As well, the first 1 million people who complete a free people finder profile at will be guaranteed a “free for life” membership.  With the incredible free people search at that includes cell phone searches, email searches, and reverse phone number searches, there no longer has to be a price on keeping your cell phone number  private. Go to and fill out their completely free people search profile to ensure your cell phone number is private when it needs to be.

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