Raising Kids vs Raising Employees: Sarah Silverman on the Rhetoric/Reality Gap


PRLogJune 22, 2015 When’s the last time you considered how your behavior is perceived? Do the discrepancies between your actions and intents send mixed messages? Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman recently discussed this on the podcast Off Camera with Sam Jones (http://offcamera.com) .

“Some of the smarter jokes I feel like I write are from watching Real Housewives… Your obsession with your looks and trying to look younger makes your daughter not dream about her future. It’s the reason why your daughter doesn’t look forward to adulthood at all. Because it’s just this terror-filled attempt to look younger with shots and cuts and you become this weird Frankenstein monster. It’s really heartbreaking.”

The Real Housewives mothers may not be purposely sending the message that getting older is a bad thing, but their conduct is enough to bolster these negative ideals in their children. This Rhetoric/Reality Gap between parents’ stated priorities and the real messages being sent was examined in a study by Richard Weissbourd, a psychologist with Harvard University’s school of education.

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