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NEW DELHI, IndiaAug. 31, 2015PRLog — The PCSK9 Inhibitors – Pipeline Insights, 2015 report provides client with details on the ongoing enterprises and the upcoming business opportunities related to new interventions. It comprehensively includes:

·    The future of PCSK9 therapies and major advances in the development and testing of novel PCSK9-related therapies that are anticipated to have wide implications in reducing the incidence of cardiovascular and possibly other complications globally.

·  The PCSK9 inhibitor Evolocumab got approval from the FDA for treatment of high cholesterol, which most likely is on the verge of becoming a major rival to the newly approved Alirocumab, from Regeneron and Sanofi.

·   The report gives information of 25+ pipeline drugs with 17+ companies actively involved in drug development. There are 3 drugs in discovery, 8 in pre-clinical, 6 in phase I, 2 in phase II and 1 in phase III.

·    Pfizer is developing a lead product Bococizumab which is in Phase III

  The PCSK9 Inhibitors – Pipeline Insights, 2015 report also provides R&D activities like:

·   Technologies used for the development of pipeline molecules.

·  Therapeutic assessments by molecule types, route of administration, monotherapy and combination products.

·  Information related to collaborations, in-licensing and out-licensing deals.

DelveInsights, PCSK9 Inhibitors – Pipeline Insights, 2015 report provides PCSK9 InhibitorsLandscape across the globe. Therefore the report on PCSK9 Inhibitors – Pipeline Insights provides information on chemical, technology information and comparative analysis at various stages. In addition, it helps to identify emerging players with potentially strong product information and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage.

DelveInsight is offering the Report at a price of USD 1,250 as a single user license, USD 2,500 as a site license and USD 4,000 as a Global/Enterprise License.

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