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PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 13, 2014WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. Proglobal Business Solutions, a premier IT solutions company, introduces advanced CRM technology for inbound call center services. This has transformed the way call center services Operate. Nowadays, to make the most of the core specialty services, companies are outsourcing their work to the service center that specialize in that particular service to gain advantages.

Proglobal Business Solutions  is among the best outsourcing service centers, especially to offer maximum advantages of inbound call center services. The center is handled by experienced center heads. With the rise of internet advantages, the outsourcing services technologies have taken a new turn. There are various advantages of outsourcing inbound call center services to India.

Revealing more about the advantages to opt for inbound call center outsourcing, a senior Spokesperson of the company said, “Some of the advantages that persuade companies to outsource their inbound call center services work to us are outsourcing expertise and affordability. Companies have been saving anything from 30% to 50% (based on a research) through outsourcing inbound calls to India.

Secondly, by outsourcing to Proglobal Business Solutions (Visit here for more details ), companies get additional time that allows them to concentrate on other important services. This way, companies do not only save money, but also become more productive.

Further, Indian outsourcing inbound call center offers high end quality of work. We have mastered the art of offering smooth and constant service without compromising on quality and consistency. Our team has the requisite technical knowledge and talent to handle the calls.”

India is the center of talent, experience and advantages. The country is enriched with an English speaking population that is one of the largest advantages. With an excellent education system, the country has been producing over million English speaking people who have the enthusiasm and energy for the work, resulting in advantages.

Further, Indian Government supports the BPO activities, which is one of the other advantages. The infrastructure of the country has further supported the inbound call center and this adds to the advantages of outsourcing inbound call center services to India (Visit here for more details inbound-services/ ).

The Senior Spokesperson continues, “We have years of experience offering the inbound call center services. In addition, we make sure to upgrade the technologies, software and infrastructure at opportune times. Inbound call service center here follows best management practices, which attract companies from across the globe. We have always been at the center stage and will remain so for a long time to come.”

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