Prestigious honour bestowed to Manahel Thabet


Manahel Thabet receiving the honour

DUBAI, UAEJune 22, 2016PRLog — Dr Manahel Thabet was granted the rare privilege of The Freedom of the City of London by the Court of the Chamberlain. This venerable honour, which cannot be obtained without the support of London Livery or Guild Members, is one of the oldest surviving traditions, dating back to 1237, the century of Magna Carta.

Thabet, an extremely well known and deserving personality from the Arab World, is said to be the only Arab woman and one of the few in the world to enter into the discipline of science using quantum mathematical theories.

The Freedom of the City has previously been awarded to famous, illustrious and historic holders including Admiral Lord Nelson, the Victor of the Battle of Trafalgar, Princess Diana, Morgan Freeman, Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates.

With this accolade to reinforce her credentials, Manahel intends to continue her work for recognition of The Gifted and Talented and to bring peace and prosperity to her currently war-torn homeland of Yemen, while simultaneously thanking the UAE for the support and being her place of residence for the past sixteen years.

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