PNMIC, LLC Celebrates The Launch of its Kickstarter Campaign The PNMIC Project


PRLog (Press Release)May 1, 2014 Los Angeles, April 30, 2013 — PNMIC, LLC the creators of the online platform Proudly NOT made in ( turn to the crowd funding site Kickstarter to transform the world’s largest internet database of everyday items not made in China into a mobile app. Developed from a bachelors pad in Van Nuys early 2011, PNMIC started off as a simple user powered project that cataloged retail products by made in country. Since then, products worth tens of thousands of dollars have been added to the service and PNMIC became a major proponent of the made in America label.

Kickstarter Campaign:https:// projects/1786356293/ the-pnmic-project- know-where-your- products-come- fr ( projects/1786356293/ the-pnmic-project- know-where-your- products-come- fr)

Of the company’s recent Kickstarter launch, co-founder and lead developer, Amr Metwally, said “We started out as a community project. So it only makes sense that we turn to the crowd funding community to take PNMIC to the next level.” That next level would be the development of a mobile version of the main site. “The mobile app is not just about keeping up with the times and “going mobile”, it’s about further empowering our users to submit products to PNMIC in real-time where ever and whenever they may be.” says, Amr.

To raise $ 10K, PNMIC has set aside the following reward tiers for its backers.
• For individuals, early beta access of the mobile version and American made Men’s and Ladies shirts.
• For companies, the opportunity to promote their brand on the PNMIC website.
• For U.S. manufacturers, setup showcases on the PNMIC platform that connects manufacturers directly with consumers.

For more information about PNMIC, visit Kickstarter: projects/1786356293/ the-pnmic…

Contact:  Amr Metwally
323-357-2750 (tel:323-357- 2750)

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