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PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 30, 2014 Soft Landing Labs LTD (Symbol: SLNZ)

(SLNZ) Overview:

Soft Landing Labs utilizes advanced state-of-the- art methodologies for detection of analytes with lower Cutoff levels and Zero tolerance reporting– “If a drug is present we’ll report it.”

Soft Landing Labs teams are comprised of experts in the fields of addiction, analytical chemistry engineering and quality assurance to provide your business with the ultimate in levels of drug testing.

We use High Performance Liquid Chromatography followed by Tandem Mass Spectrometry (UPLC/MS/MS)

Our proprietary software technology allows our testing engineers to take these instruments to a level of performance that exceeds expectations even the highest standards. Consequently we are able to detect drugs at cutoff levels lower than the industry standards.

Therefore, our findings allow you to feel confident knowing that your medical decisions are based on solid, infallible drug test results utilizing panels that are custom made to meet your specific needs.


Suboxone Programs: ( suboxone_programs.html)
Suboxone for office-based treatment of opiate dependence has expanded significantly over the last 8 years with great success. It hasbeen well proven that Buprenorphine is quite an effective opioid agonist in relieving symptoms of withdrawals and cravings in cases of opiate dependence. However, treatment of patients with addiction disorders can be very challenging and should be accompanied by structure and accountability to ensure compliance. Learn more about our Suboxone program

Drug Treatment Facilities: ( drug-treatment- facilities…)
Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease with genetic, environmental and psychosocial predisposing factors. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has developed patient placement criteria which determine the level of care needed for each patient. Throughout the various levels of care, patient monitoring is crucial to achieving progress in reaching the end product of reform and rehabilitation. Visit our Drug treatment programs.

Pain Management Clinics: ( pain-management- clinics.html)
Patients have the right to be pain-free which prompts the Joint Commission and other accreditation organizations to examine the pain management procedures of health care facilities. Drug abuse in patients with genuine pain syndrome is quite rare, however, some patients take advantage of these programs. That’s why provider vigilance is so necessary in avoiding any drug abuse diversions.
Primary Care Programs: ( primary-care- programs.html)
Untreated drug abuse can significantly impact treatment of chronic medical conditions as diabetes, asthma and hypertension. For this reason and many others, Primary Care Providers are now playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders.

We use a variety of methods to test urine samples for drugs of abuse.
The whole process of testing including conformation and reporting can take as little as 24 hours.

·      We use several immunoassay procedures for screening ( screening.html) .

·      We use UPLC/MS/MS for confirmation ( confirmation.html) .

·      Both our screening and confirmation have high degree of sensitivity.

Genomics, metabolomics and proteomics are revolutionizing healthcare through individualized medicine. LCMS is used to define these molecules and is assisting with tailoring therapy based on each patients metabolic profile.
We unveiled the Human Genome in one minute compared to how much time we will need to figure out the individual metabolic composition. This is a tall order and Soft Landing Labs is planning on playing a significant role in this transformation.
We are particularly interested in Phase I and II metabolism of Xenobiotics and how to best utilize LCMS to match the right medication to the individual patient. Genetic polymorphism that we are discovering every day will make such selection possible.
Pharmacogenetics is in its infancy and far from being commercialized or used to its limit. Healthcare reform has provisions that encourage and promote research and development in this field.
One of Soft Landing Labs many advantages is its team of software developers that have also brought other products to the healthcare market. see

·      Instrumentation ( instrumentation.html)
We use High Performance Liquid Chromatography followed by Tandem Mass Spectrometry (UPLC/MS/MS) . Our proprietary software interacts with our instrumentation allowing us to automate many of the steps that are still done manually by our competition. This leads to superior efficiency, shorter turn-around time and cost effective solutions.
·      Results ( results.html)

Using our software capabilities, results are now automatically    deciphered from the instrumentation, automatically interpreted, color coded and commented on– all added in seconds. Our engineers then confirm the accuracy of the interpretation and then our clinical directors approve it.

·      Doctor shopping ( doctor_shopping.html)

Soft Landing Lab developed a unique feature in our reporting system that alerts providers when a given patient is being drug tested by more than one provider in the system. This handy feature is intended to aid treating providers in managing their pain or addiction patients by allowing them to address these findings with their patients.

Soft landing Labs (SLL) is licensed and accredited by several state and federal agencies. To maintain our licensure, SLL undergoes regular on-site inspections and proficiency testing challenges.

·      CLIA—Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

·      COLA

·      CAP— College of American Pathologists

·      ACP-MLE- Medical Laboratory Evaluation

(SLNZ) Team
Soft Landing Labs team is comprised of experts in the field of:

·      Addiction medicine

·      Analytical Chemistry

·      Pharmacy

·      Primary Care

·      Engineering

·      Quality and Compliance

·      Billing and coding

·      Accounting

·      Health care Law

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