PartsBadger takes on Xometry in the machined parts revolution


The machined parts marketspace revolution is beginning and PartsBadger is ‘turning on the jets’ in the race to the top by offering the lowest prices in the industry.

MILWAUKEEMay 24, 2016PRLog — PartsBadger, LLC, based in Milwaukee, WI, is poised to pose a major threat to the Xometry juggernaut.  PartsBadger is using grassroots efforts and rock bottom pricing to unseat Xometry as the market leader in the machined parts revolution.  Like Xometry, PartsBadger was founded by tech entrepreneurs’ with the goal of changing the way that Engineers, Designers, Architects and Makers order their custom machined parts.  Unlike Xometry, PartsBadger is going after customers with convenience and value.

Co-founder Steve Kotlowski says,

“Convenience is just part of the process; the real issue is the price of traditional machining services.  The CAM process is time consuming and expensive and the capital investments are immense.  We’ve solved this issues with innovative software and by investing in the right equipment”

PartsBadger wants to be your personal machine shop by making pricing and ordering accessible to everyone.  By simplifying the quotation and ordering, PartsBadger streamlines the process at significantly lower costs than traditional machining, allowing for low pricing.  Low pricing and online ordering reduces substantial barriers that exist with traditional machine shops.  Eliminating these barriers will change the way people order parts, allowing for more experimentation and lower risk development.

James Crawford, Co-Founder, says,

“PartsBadger has the goal of taking machining services into the next generation.  There is no reason it should take a day or more to get a quote on anything in the digital era.  Most machining companies are structurally inefficient and based on outdated practices.  When we thought about implementing business practices from the tech industry, we realized we could reduce costs and lead time while also improving the customer experience.

The machined parts industry is on the cusp of a major shift in parts procurement.   Despite the significant financial backing of Xometry, PartsBagers low prices, combined with grassroots support of Makers and product designers alike, PartsBadger is going after the spot as Top-Dog in this rapidly changing market.”

PartsBadger has in stock, and can machine, all-common materials and even some exotic materials ranging from aluminum to carbon fiber. Capabilities include traditional 2.5D and 3D CNC with 3 and 4 axis machines.  5 Axis, 6 Axis, and EDM machining are also available but please note that these services aren’t currently available online.

To find out more about PartsBadger and the services available, visit:


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