Parlance Corporation Announces New Article “Why Wait? 5 Reasons Why Hospitals Postpone Call Center


PRLogJune 16, 2015WOBURN, Mass. For more information, contact:

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June 16, 2015

Parlance Corporation Announces New Article “Why Wait? 5 Reasons Why Hospitals Postpone Call Center Automation”

·        Hospitals commonly cite 5 main reasons for postponing automation in the call center

·        Parlance Operator Assistant™ debunks these concerns by delivering a great caller experience, partnering with operators (not replacing) to meet caller expectations,
creating cost efficiencies, and providing a simple path to implementation

Woburn, MA — Parlance Corporation, a leader in enterprise call handling solutions, today announces a new article, “Why Wait? 5 Reasons Why Hospitals Postpone Call Center Automation” by Mark Bedard, Director of Marketing at Parlance.

The new article offers an overview of the 5 main reasons hospitals commonly cite postponing automation implementation in the call center to assist operators and please callers. The article discusses each barrier to automation in detail, and also demonstrates how Parlance’s Operator Assistant™ solution has addressed each barrier, making it simple for hospitals to deliver excellent service to callers with existing operator resources.

“Many hospitals still equate call center automation to traditional auto attendants – ‘Press 1 to reach Medical Records’, ‘Press 2 to Reach Medical Imaging’, and so forth,” says Mark Bedard. “But new breakthroughs in speech recognition technology and natural language processing give callers a much more natural and comfortable experience. When you combine the caller experience capabilities of Parlance Operator Assistant with the many benefits for operators, the ease of implementation, and the cost efficiencies to be gained, hospitals should actually be asking if they can afford not to implement automation.”

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As Director of Marketing at Parlance, Mark Bedard is responsible for promoting the value of Parlanceand Operator Assistant in the marketplace. Mark possesses more than a decade of experience in helpingtechnology companies align sales and marketing efforts with their customers’ needs.

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