PageTech Introduces PCLWorksDE Exclusively for Printer Manufacturer Pros & HP® PCL® App Developers


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PRLog (Press Release)May 1, 2014SAN DIEGO PageTech, a leading global provider of HP PCL print stream transformation, optimization, debugging, and text extraction products, announced today that it has introduced a new freeware program for troubleshooting PCL, PWG, and PCLm print files. Printer Manufacturer Professionals and PCL Application Developers who register and qualify will gain access to the download area at ( where they can receive a free, annually-licensed copy of PCLWorksDE.

PCLWorksDE Includes:

PCLWorks.exe –  Converts, views, searches, extracts text, and captures job-ticketing metadata from PCL, PWG, & PCLm

TNXDumpG.exe – Reformats extracted text from PCL

PCLFilter.exe – PCL search/replace utility

PCLCodes.exe – PCL disassembler and debugging tool

PCLOptimize.exe – Optimizes PCL by eliminating redundant downloaded font resources

PCLSplit.exe – Splits PCL by pages or by document

“PCLWorksDE provides an industry-exclusive set of troubleshooting tools for printer manufacturer and other PCL application developers,” said Robert Pooley, president of PageTech. “Over the years, we have seen so many printer manufacturer/ vendor employees repeatedly download our PCLReader freeware program for PCL file previewing or other daily tasks.  So we decided to provide a more robust set of freeware tools for those professionals who work with PCL on a regular basis to reward them for all the referrals we get from this industry segment.”

Availability and Limitations

Qualifying printer manufacturer professionals and PCL application developers can register ( pclworks/Registration.aspx) for their free copy of PCLWorksDE from PageTech’s website. PageTech reserves the right to determine who qualifies for this freeware program based on the information provided during online registration.

About PageTech

Established in 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (, with development based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy firm specializing in HP PCL print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction, and manipulation products for developers, systems integrators and MIS departments.

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