Page One Power to Release Free Link Building eBook


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 25, 2014BOISE, Idaho The SEO link building firm Page One Power, widely known as the world’s finest link building firm, has created their first ever eBook – Link Building: From Beginning to Launch. Page One Power has made the eBook publicly available for free via newsletter signup or social media share.

The 102 page eBook, designed as a resource for anyone starting a link building campaign, covers:

* An in-depth explanation of link building and its role on the web

* The history of link building and Google

* Advanced search as an SEO

* Why to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

* What to know before launching a link building project

* How to analyze links and backlink profiles

* Five link building strategies to help kick-start a campaign, designed specifically to net quick and quality links

* Page One Power philosophies critical to link building success

“We could have sat on this and made it an internal only training material,” said Jon Ball, a cofounder of Page One power. “We’re definitely going to be rolling it into our training program. But I love the amount of information sharing that goes on in SEO and wanted to give back in a tangible way.”

The eBook is available for download at ebook.

“Link building is a very specialized field that most people outside of SEO know nothing about,” said Zach Ball, the second founder of Page One Power. “We want to do our part in helping anyone interested in increasing their online visibility learn more. We definitely had that in mind with the eBook, and I’m excited to show it to friends, family, and colleagues”.

About Page One Power

Page One Power is a white hat SEO link building firm based in Boise, Idaho. Page One Power focuses on building natural, sustainable links to boost their client’s online visibility.

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