OsO Launches Next Generation Private Social Network:


PRLogJune 19, 2015DALLAS OsO has launched the first phase of its Private Social Network on IOS at https://appsto.re/ us/cmTg5.i.  It has developed an add-free network that allows users to have more control of their data along with features that build upon the idea of User Privacy, a true commodity in the social media world these days.  “Since the inception of online Social Media, privacy has taken more and more of a back seat to profits,” says Founder, John Hoelzer.  “These Internet Social Giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google have taken user privacy and all but thrown it out the window.”  John goes on to say, “These social giants have hidden the true nature of their data collection and distribution of their user’s data for quite some time. Until recently, only those that analyzed the Terms and Conditions were able to understand the truly ominous nature of what rights they were asked to give away.”

OsO feels that this industry direction needs to change, and so they have built a network that will continue to become a truly Private Social Network.  OsO has been compared to a hybrid of Instagram meets Snapchat by its user base.  So far every feature that has been added in, or that OsO is planning to add in, is based on privacy, freedom, and user control.  “We want to give back the users right to privacy and allow the freedom of expression without being sold to the highest bidder,” says the Founder.  OsO’s features include the ability to post, check-in and comment anonymously to friends and followers as well as set posts for self destruct in order to have them deleted from all timelines at a certain point in time.

OsO Networks goal is to help the Next Generation of Social users to understand the importance of their right to privacy!  The only way to do this is to offer a true value to them and to continually show each new user the importance of having more control over where their texts, pictures and videos go and for how long they hang around.  OsO feels that the Networks can do better in their quest to bring value to the user without selling them out.  “As we enjoy our endless ability to reach out to the world around us and create new and exciting ways of communicating we must never forget that we are forever building the future of our reality!”  States OsO’s founder, John Hoelzer.  OsO’s mantra is “Build, Create, and Aspire to a better future!”

To learn more about OsO and its vision for the Next Generation User, go to http://osonetwork.com and help build a better Social Reality.

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