Optelcon Awarded Over $409 Million In Telecom & IT Contracts To Negotiate In 2013


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 6, 2014GLENVIEW, Ill. Optelcon, LLC, the global leader in telecom, mobile, IT and software licensing negotiations announced today its performance results for 2013. Optelcon saved its clients over $ 120 million.  Optelcon’ s proprietary real-time global pricing database, best practices contract library, and professional negotiators were credited for the success.

Optelcon averages over 30% savings per contract.  Some contract exceeded over 50% in savings.  These results were achieved without any formal RFP process.  The average time to finalize a contract was 2.2 months. Telecom, mobile, IT and software licensing contract negotiations are Optelcon’s core business.  One of its key differentiators is their proprietary global pricing database.  This database qualifies vendors, contains network information from over 40 suppliers, and is real time.  The database yields information not available even to Global 50 Companies.

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“I am pleased with our 2013 results.  In today’s economic environment, reducing operational expenses has never been more important.  This year, Global 50, Fortune 100 and 500, Big 3 IT consulting companies and telecom carriers all trusted Optelcon to directly (re)negotiate over $ 409million of their telecom and IT contracts.  They did so because of our reputation for consistently delivering best in class results in the shortest amount of time”, said Bob Pommer, CEO and Founder.

About Optelcon
Founded in 2003, Optelcon is a Chicago based negotiating and strategic sourcing firm.  We specialize in telecom, mobile, software licensing, and IT contract negotiating, benchmarking and strategic sourcing.  Due to Optelcon’s industry veterans, experience and performance track record, Optelcon is highly respected in the industry and is widely regarded as the expert in the field.

Optelcon’s clients range in size from $ 30 to $ 50million, to Big 3 consulting companies to Global 50, and telecommunication carriers.  We have negotiated over $ 1.8Billion dollars in telecom, mobile, software licensing, and IT contracts saving our clients hundreds of millions of dollars, averaging between 27-51%.

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