Now There’s An Easy Way to Boost Your Marketing Efforts and Sell Your Children’s Books


PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 27, 2014VERO BEACH, Fla. The National Writing for Children Center is a popular showcase for children’s books and their authors and illustrators.  Each month, the NWFCC showcases children’s book authors and/or illustrators to let children, parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, and others interested in the world of children’s literature know about these artists’ wonderful new children’s books.

Children’s book authors and illustrators who are ready to get the word out about their books have options.  The National Writing for Children Center showcases authors and/or illustrators every month who are looking to boost book sales and exposure on the internet.  A dedicated team of professional authors with blogs and extensive social media presence help to enhance the marketing efforts of the showcased authors and/or illustrators.  This is accomplished in a myriad of ways.

The Standard Showcase Package:

1. A 30-minute one-on-one interview on Book Bites for Kids on blogtalkradio. Book Bites for Kids has over 100,000 listeners!

2. A description and cover of your book on the homepage will be displayed there for the entire month you are showcased.

3. Your book trailer in the featured trailers of the month section on the homepage of the site. If you don’t have a book trailer, they will create one for you at no additional cost!

4. Your Bio in the “Meet the Author” section, with a link to your author’s website or blog and a link to your recorded interview on Book Bites for Kids after it takes place.

5. A media release written about your guest spot on Book Bites for Kids, submitted to a variety of online media release distribution services.

6. Inclusion in the new Speakers Bureau on the site with a link to your author’s website or blog. Authors are listed in the Speakers Bureau by state. Author’s name and info, and links stay in the Speakers Bureau indefinitely, even after your showcase month is over.

7. Promotion of your upcoming interview on Book Bites for Kids and your showcase at the NWFCC through various social media sites.

8. A blurb about your book, announcement of your appearance on Book Bites for Kids and your appearance in the showcase in The Morning Nudge newsletter.

9. The chance to offer copies of your book for their weekly book giveaway, which will be announced on Tuesday’s episode of Book Bites for Kids and in The Morning Nudge newsletter.

10. Your book will be included in the bookstore at the National Writing for Children Center.

11. A 5-day virtual book tour to promote your book. Your tour starts on a Monday during your showcased month and ends on Friday. If you’d like a longer tour, you can also register for the Showcase VBT Bonus Package along with the basic showcase package.

This is something you could expect to pay thousands of dollars for.  This kind of publicity and promotional events could likely break the bank but not at the National Writing for Children Center!

Visit the website at to learn more and to register.

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