Nintendo 3DS – YO-KAI WATCH E3 2015 Trailer


Nintendo 3DS - YO-KAI WATCH E3 2015 Trailer

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  1. Guys, i know the disappointment is real; the hate is real that there is no ,under my impression, new original POKEMON game this year but that's okay. I think GameFreak is playing it safe. But give this game a try; ive been waiting for it and though it doesn't seem anything like pokemon in general, i believe It's worth your time. よろしくおねがいします ??

    +Richelle Trickel​

  2. I love Pokémon, but also videogame series like Monster Rancher and Digimon, cannot miss this one!

  3. I'm not disliking because I'm a butthurt pokemon fan but I'm disliking because this looks really boring

  4. Are people really salty that we're getting a 1 year break from Pokemon? Its a good thing! It give GameFreak some time to develop the next game which means a better game for us and it gives the market a break.

  5. Who else thought we were gonna get a new Professor Layton game (or a spin-off) when you saw 'Level – 5'?! So disappointed! T-T Bring the series back 'Level – 5'!!!!!!!

  6. lol salty Pokemon fans are acting like Pokemon was the first and only game to utilize the concept of catching monsters and making them fight each other :V

    Just because Yo-Kai watch is dethroning the Pokemon franchise in JAPAN doesn't mean that American kids will have the same reaction.

    If you want the "Pokemon Killer" of America, look no further than Skylanders or Minecraft. (and even then Pokemon was long since dethroned by Yu-Gi-Oh! anyway)

    -signed a Pokemon fan that pays attention to pointless stuff that nobody else cares about

  7. why so many dislikes? it was very hard see this game in America, besides Nintendo is the publisher, they  always win anyway!

  8. Day One buy for me,been waiting for this Game for two years since it released in Japan.I dont understand the hate from Hardcore Pokémon fans I Love Pokémon and i am sure gona Love the Yo-Kai watch series.

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