New Website Seeks To Get Info On California Election Results From Voters Themselves


If you are interested in the recent California election and want to share your vote anonymously as well as see how others voted in California, then visit the site and share with your friends and family. We can see how many people received provisional ballots due to not being on the official rolls.

SAN FRANCISCO & LOS ANGELESJune 11, 2016PRLog — Local California company designs to collect user information about the California election in a poll that will showcase how users voted and if their vote has already been counted or not due to issues while voting.

If you are among the millions of votes that have yet to be counted in California and want to make sure your vote is counted, then you can get information to see that status of your ballot.  Remember that the results can still change based upon the results of the final counting.

If you also want to get information about the california election from voters themselves, then add your information and take part! .The sharing of information anonymously will allow voters to share their information without fear of anything being shared or public.

**No information collected on the site will be shared including email addresses and usernames supplied.**


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