New Social Media App to Launch on Memorial Day


A new voice only social media app is making waves in the tech market.

PRLog (Press Release)May 2, 2014PALM COAST, Fla. Contact: Curtis Ceballos

Palm Coast, FL – A new social media app has sprouted out of an nontraditional area, Florida. Better known for sunshine and NASCAR, not so much a tech start up state, Curtis, Ryan, and Gabrielle Ceballos have created a new voice only social media app called TALKiT.

TALKiT will be available for download on May 31st, 2014. Users will be able to record seven to ten seconds of their voice and ‘post it’ as a status update to share with friends, or privately to a person or group. Instead of creating text messages, users will click the TALKiT icon, record their seven to ten second message, and press send to post the “TALKiT” on the news feed.

The app idea was developed when Curtis Ceballos ‘had a dream’, no not like the Martin Luther, Jr. kind of dream, but the laying-in-bed- seeing-it-clearly- in-your-head kind of dream. He says that he saw the app being used and saw the format of the app and the art. He drew out what he saw, but it went unnamed for a month until his 20-year-old daughter, Gabrielle came up with a name ‘in 5 minutes’. She also came up with the name VOXii, which is a type of advertisement available on the app.

Advertisers can purchase audio ads that are static, or redirect to another URL such as their website. The audio ad may contain Pharrell’s actual voice informing users he has a new song out, or play a short clip of the song. The company has also peaked the interest of two Florida school districts that have verbally committed to implementing the app internally. One use for the districts will be using it for staff to post a verbal work order request to the IT department when they need something looked at or fixed. This would be used through their private settings option. Nonprofit organizations can post pleas for donations during a disaster, or information about upcoming fundraisers as well.

The private setting option on the app will let families, co-workers, or any private groups quickly and verbally communicate with each other without anyone else being able to access their “TALKiTs.”

“TALKiT helps eliminate texting and driving and those annoying autocorrects,” said the creator of the app Curtis Ceballos. “We’re excited about the launch and sharing this app with the world,” he added.

The app creators and focus groups feel the audience will be 18-25’s, but also people that don’t like texting, and people with visual impairments since its voice only. “Of course we know that not all predictions are on point, look how Facebook’s audience has changed – from college students to parents and grandparents,” Curtis Ceballos commented.

Texas based software and app development company Rocksauce Studios has been coding the app since the beginning of the year. Rocksauce has worked with companies such as Disney, McDonald’s, Autotrader, GNC and much more. “TALKiT is the type of idea that comes along and you immediately realize it has ‘game-changer’ written all over it,” said Q Manning, CEO of Rocksauce. “Rocksauce was excited to help bring the concept to life. You’ll love this app,” he added.

The company is releasing membership by invitation, and when that user refers someone, they will move up 25 spaces in ‘line’ to be one of the first users.

The app is scheduled to launch May 31st, 2014 via the Apple App Store and will be available for Addroid users in 30-60 days.

For more information on TALKiT, visit TALKiT is also on Facebook at MyTALKiT, Twitter at GetTALKiT, Google+ at 110346495702007384491/ posts, and YouTube at channel/UCOWsNTQV4UiVuOYmmqrA- tw. They can also be reached via phone at 386-627-5197.

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