New Online Store Lifts Up Style from the Developing World


PRLogJune 20, 2015NEW YORK “Shop style & Lift up” is the slogan of the new start-up that features fashion and stylish products exclusively from developing countries. By selling these products online in the west, the ethical business model is to help small to medium sized producers in the developing world. In addition, the site also invests 5 percent of sales in development through microloans to small entrepreneurs in poor countries.

The founder and social entrepreneur behind is Rene Joergensen, who has spent more than a decade in the no-profit sector and seen some of the shortcomings of charity firsthand. Rene explains that, “It was after witnessing how buying ‘made in China’ was able to lift 500 million people out of poverty that I couldn’t ignore the fact that helping someone fish can be very powerful.”

With this thought in mind, Rene decided to use his background in business and fashion to find a more practical way to help. This was the birth of, which Rene calls a for-benefit business and that he wants to build into a mainstream force of social change.

Today there is a growing focus on ethical fashion and with the strong social awareness and desire to make the world a better place among the millennial generation, Rene believes that the time has come to change the motivation behind doing business. ModLifter’s motive is to do good while doing well, and for the online shopper the site offers an opportunity to both look good and do good.

This win-win idea is not charity but instead a model that lifts up style from the developing world that people want to buy. In partnership, ModLifter searches out original trends and inspirational products from small to medium sized producers that have a chance at selling and breaking through in the west.

You can find the new start-up at and you can learn more about Rene and the story of ModLifter here: pages/the-story

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