New Kiosk Version of Hypersoft’s OmniContext Analytics Software


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 13, 2014MUNICH, Germany Hypersoft Information Systems announced today that its OmniContext analytics technology is now available in a kiosk version.  Built on the Windows 8.1 platform and optimized for touch screen input, the kiosk version leverages the capabilities of Hypersoft’s OmniContext enterprise solution to allow real-time status updates of a wide variety of business processes within an organization.  One possible use case for the kiosk version of OmniContext could be for a dedicated display in a boardroom or common work area to monitor and display activities happening internally within an organization, such as sales activities, workgroup composition, IT services consumed by workers (mail, Lync, SharePoint, etc. ) or other services the company is providing to customers.

Kiosks with OmniContext can also be located in public areas, such as libraries and airports, since users of kiosk machines cannot interactively shutdown, logoff, lock or switch user accounts to do things like surf the web.  The kiosk feature is especially relevant for certain educational or business uses where companies want to restrict access to a single interface, such as monitoring to see if employees have read job-related materials in a new hire onboarding process or as part of a training or line of business program for a sales force out in the field on convertible Windows tablets.   Possible uses of OmniContext kiosks are nearly limitless.

OmniContext for Kiosks was developed by Hypersoft based on a decade of experience in understanding precisely what the right metrics are for executives in dynamically changing organizations who want to make the right decisions without wasting their resources.  Find out more here:

About Hypersoft

Founded in 1993 by Dr. Serguei Dobrinevski in Berlin, Hypersoft has spent two decades developing its unique state-of-the- art technology of collecting heterogeneous data across big data networks and analyzing communication in relation to business processes.  More than 200 enterprise customers use Hypersoft technology for business service metrics and Organizational Intelligence analysis.  The work activities of more than 2 million users in organizations worldwide are measured by Hypersoft software.

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