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PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 26, 2014 is announcing they are helping people reconnect with friends, neighbors, old classmates, ex-coworkers and their garbageman.  The new cell phone people search ( engine at allows people across the nation to reach out and text someone.  In today’s society, texting often is the first choice when reconnecting with old friends.  Getting a text on your cell phone is a quick way to say “Was just thinking about you” or “Remember that time when we…”  Keeping in touch over long distances or after years of not seeing each other can often be difficult enough.  However, to make matters worse, anyone that wants to reach out and text someone has to find the person’s cell phone number first. is now making it easier to connect with people across the nation through texting with their new cell phone people search engine.

Finding a person’s cell phone number ( can be difficult as this information is still protected by U.S. privacy laws.  Those wanting to find a friend’s cell phone number might first do a people search on various social media sites.  However, many people refuse to post their private cell phone number on social media as they don’t want this to be public information.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could post our cell phone number privately on a people search engine and be able to instantly select what information the people searching for us can view?  This is precisely what is providing to the first 1 million users who sign up.  The first one million users who fill out a completely private people search profile at will have a “free for life” membership with unlimited people searches.  That’s it!  No additional fees, no offers to complete, and no request for your credit card number. is completely free for life for the first 1 million users. member can rest assured their private cell phone information is completely safe and secure under strict data encryption and will never be sold to others.  However, as this new people search engine is socially driven by its members, it can only be as good as members allow it to be.  So, go to today to complete your free people search profile and receive a free for life membership then tell all your friends to do the same!

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