Neo-Nazi MEIN KAMPF Edition Defies German Government


Neo-Nazi MEIN KAMPF edition in German

LINCOLN, Neb.May 27, 2016PRLog — A reprint of MEIN KAMPF without commentary has been published by the world famous Neo-Nazi Gerhard Lauck in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

  In contrast to the edition officially approved by the German government – which he calls “the bastardized edition of the Banana Republic of Germany” – the “Lauck edition” contains no commentary.

  However, the following dedication appears on the back cover: “The reprint of this historically extremely valuable work is dedicated to the unknown comrade and all politically persecuted people.” Beneath it stands the name “Gerhard Lauck.”

  Lauck was sentenced to four years prison in Germany in 1995, because his „NSDAP/AO” smuggled tons of Nazi propaganda into Germany for decades.

  His „friends in Germany” have sent copies of his letter to schools there. It offers free copies as his “contribution to the education of youth.”

 Sample copies of this outlawed edition have also been mailed anonymously – from inside Germany – to various media outlets in that country.,

 Lauck has also published new editions of MEIN KAMPF in English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

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