MultiWave Sensors Launches Antenna Alignment Tool ‘Smart Aligner’. Supports Faster 4G LTE Speeds


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 21, 2014BRAMPTON, Canada MultiWave Sensors Inc., the Canadian company making antenna alignment easier than ever, today announces the arrival of Smart Aligner, its latest offering for cell tower optimization. The new system will provide carriers, contractors, auditors and tower operators with convenience, easy portability, and verifiable reporting for antenna alignment, which will increase antenna performance and maintain faster data speeds. MultiWave will demonstrate the Smart Aligner at NATE UNITE 2014 next week in San Diego.

“When we set out to design the Smart Aligner we took into account all of the feedback from our previous Antenna Alignment System (AAS), as well as our competitors’ products. We wanted to create a smaller product but easy enough to operate in all live RF environments, without sacrificing an affordable price tag and our industry leading azimuth accuracy,” said MultiWave Sensors CTO and Co-Principal Mark Frischman. “Together with our already popular Universal Mounting Bracket and our brand new iOS and Android surveying apps, the patent-pending Smart Aligner is designed on a fixed base with rotating GPS antennas. This allows the Smart Aligner to fold within 19” in length and yet be deployed with the full extension and separation characteristics found in our original AAS.”

MultiWave Sensors’ hallmark accuracy continues with the Smart Aligner at +/- 0.5° in azimuth, ensuring the best data speeds on the consumer end. The tool is made up of the traditional two GPS antennas sitting at an optimal 500mm apart (about 1.5 Feet), usually requiring a large carrying case to get up the tower. Where the Smart Aligner really differs is its ability to fold into a comfortable carrying position and accommodate challenging tower constraints. The Smart Aligner was designed to fold inwards so that it requires very little effort to transport, when spread out however, the 500mm spacing is preserved and the two GPS antennas are extended outward. The combination of the optimal spacing and extension, together with the availability of GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) set it apart from the other tools on the market.

The patented Universal Mounting Bracket mounts to any panel antenna using a flexible strap and ratchet tensioner. This method ensures that the backplane of the antenna is always the reference for the alignment. The ratchet can be mounted to the left or right of the antenna as space permits. Since the Smart Aligner tool can be mounted in three different orientations to the bracket (i.e. forward, side and backwards) and the arms can be deployed in three different orientations relative to the tool (i.e. forward, left “T” and right “T”), there are 18 possible mounting configurations to address the most stringent spatial and RF environments. Internal sensors track all of the various orientations so that the tool automatically reports just the azimuth and tilt of the antenna being aligned.

Once the tool is mounted to the antenna, it is simply turned on. From there, the user interface is the full feature app on any iOS and Android smart device. Features of the app include simple “quick” alignments, full detailed alignments, automatic picture integration into reports, pre-site information setup, importing pre-site information via email directly into the app, exporting PDF reports directly from the app via email (from rad center if desired), and export of database-ready data file directly from the app via email.

MultiWave Sensors has focused on improving four areas in antenna alignment; Size, Live Antenna RF Performance, Ease of Use, and Price. Included in the Smart Aligner package are the:
→ Smart Aligner Tool (Patent Pending)
→ Universal Mounting Bracket
→ Ruggedized Carrying Case
→ Smart Aligner Backpack
→ iOS / Android App free Download
→ One year warranty

The retail price is $ 8995 US with quantity discounts to $ 7995 US.

In its 17-year history as a global leader in measurement systems, MultiWave Sensors alignment solutions are being used by companies worldwide, including the likes of Ericsson, Bechtel Corporation, and GOGO. MultiWave Sensors has sold hundreds of systems already, spanning 20 countries.

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