MoSIP Mobile Dialer Now Has Its Very Own Website


PRLog (Press Release)Apr. 22, 2014HYDERABAD, India Hyderabad – 22 April 2014 – Voxvalley Technologies launched a new website dedicated completely for one of its widely used product – MoSIP ( ). The VoIP mobile dialer which has over 8 million users worldwide, is one of the most sort after VoIP mobile dialer in the market. With a Free trial offer being made available on the website, VoIP providers and interested/eager individuals can experience MoSIP’s features and functionalities for free.

VoIP providers and users can now have access to in-depth information regarding the famous dialer through this website. VoIP providers can get a clear understanding of what MoSIP is, how MoSIP can give them the edge over their competition, and also the information regarding its unique features, like white label branding etc. Additional information present on the website includes mobile compatibility, specifications, and how MoSIP is a mobile VoIP solution, and why is it different from other dialers in the market. Having mentioned about their multi-lingual sales team on the website, the MoSIP team caters to languages such as – English, Hindi, Bangla, Oriya, Telugu, Malayalam, etc.

Mr. Sajjan Mallik, CEO of Voxvalley said, “MoSIP is a product of ours that has had a tremendous response through VoIP providers and end customers as well. Hence the need to have a website which would explain the product to every detail was a must. This would explain the various benefits, features and advantages of the product hence explaining and making it available to everyone.”

Voxvalley Technologies is a VoIP based solution provider which has been present in the market for years together now. Voxvalley deals with every sector related to VoIP, with products such as MoSIP mobile dialer, Hybrid dialers, Mobile SIP Client for IP PBX, Vox Switch for reseller – wholesaler business and many more. Being well renowned for its services Voxvalley has taken it a step further by providing VoIP based solutions for Businesses and Enterprises as well. The Vox Suite and Vox PBX are a result of great minds working together to ensure that the application enhance the quality of communication while reducing the cost of expense towards it. The “Vox PBX” and “Vox Suite” provide an all-round solution to business who need to keep in constant touch with employees and even towards the outside world. So basically the products improve the communication both “Internally” (within the company) and “Externally” (between clients and customers).

About Voxvalley Technologies:
Voxvalley Technologies provides VoIP based communication applications and customized solutions to SMBs, Enterprises and VoIP telecommunication providers worldwide.  Founded in 2010 by Sajjan Mallik, an early stage VoIP Veteran, the company has engraved its name as a ‘Top Provider of Voice and Communication Solutions’ in the VoIP Communication Industry. Headquartered in Singapore, with its R&D center in Hyderabad, India, Voxvalley is known for its excellence in technology-leveraged products and client-focused services. The company caters to the global VoIP industry through its outstanding range of VoIP applications and customized solutions through its partners and resellers, spread across 25 countries including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, U.K. and India.

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