Media Queen Storms NAB Convention


More than 100,000 media members poured into the National Broadcasters Association Convention In Las Vegas to learn new technologies, but Syndicated Radio Journalist, Francene Marie Morris motivated a workshop in first impressions.

NAB Francene Marie Morris

CHARLOTTE, N.C.May 18, 2016PRLog — Syndicated Media Journalist Francene Marie Morris known for her engaging stage presence was tagged by NAB executives to present a one-hour interactive session designed for broadcasters, filmmakers and technology experts focused on interpersonal skills.

The Carolina School of Broadcasting says, “The 2016 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas got a taste of the Queen City with our very own syndicated, “Media Queen”, Francene Marie Morris motivated a workshop audience to “VERP=P” their careers!”

As rooms were packed with industry leaders from terrestrial broadcasting to satellite, to webcasting, podcasting, engineering and everything in-between, all wanted a competitive edge on keeping listeners, readers and viewers logged on and tuned in, and Francene Marie took old school measures to share the art of conversation.

Making conversations matter is what Francene Marie is all about when she’s on stage or not. Her 24-hour cycle consists of creating rapport with people so they can tell their story effectively. She is the consummate broadcaster and relishes in the art of story-telling.

According to Ms. Morris, “Mobile technology abounds.Yet in the midst of it, culture has lost its command of the language within our one-on-one in-person encounters, and these conversations are suffering greatly. I’m not against advances in technology just bringing light to our society becoming monosyllabic communicators, engaging in lackluster conversations.”

Francene advocates a return to remarkable and memorable conversations; a recapturing of expressive engagement and captivating energy that feeds a conversation partner so that they are more prone to digest what we say rather than delete it.

Carolina School of Broadcasting congratulates Francene on the national attention and is honored to be associated with her.  If you want to know more about “VERP=P” or any of Francene’s other initiatives, check out


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