Media Giants Benefit From Asterion Contract And Content Sharing Software


LOS ANGELESMarch 28, 2016PRLog — One of Hollywood’s leading rights management services, Gray Matter LLC, has announced it will deploy Asterion software as part of its rights management software solution for film and television studios. iRights helps film and TV producers and distributors, both large and small, to license their products around the world. Their impressive client list includes industry giants such as Relativity Media, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate. In the past few years alone, entertainment companies have processed more than $ 4 billion in international licensing revenue with the iRights system.

The company’s Managing Partner, Glenn Barber made the decision to integrate Asterion: “We are impressed by the way in which Asterion enhances the user experience while increasing the security of our systems. We will be able to provide our clients with seamless access by using a browser to view sensitive documents that are stored in the database without any intermediate download steps. At the same time, we eliminate file directories thereby removing one of key ways hackers steal information.”

Asterion Software tailored a solution specifically to address iRights security and workflow needs. The resulting “Asterion Contract and Content Sharing” system (Asterion CCS) allows for iRights’ customers to securely share and approve documents and unstructured data, including highly sensitive licensing contracts.

Asterion founder and CEO Steve Guilford says the solution is just one example of the value of the company’s compact yet powerful code: “We appreciate the opportunity to deliver our solution to Gray Matter and their demanding media industry clients. This solution is just the tip of the iceberg. Our unique mix of user efficiency and increased security provides many options for enhancing Oracle and IBM databases.”

Gray Matter is a software developer and publisher that provides intelligent software solutions for business-management applications, with an emphasis on intellectual- property licensing and distribution in the entertainment industries.

Asterion Software’s software modules reduce cost and complexity while improving security and compliance by supercharging database logic.

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