Make sure the news you read next time is RWorthy


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 24, 2014 How many times you have encountered fake or twisted news shared by one of your friends while browsing your Facebook? Too many times you will say.

RWorthy, a patent pending news indicator and the result of Dr. Jehad Baker PhD research on the impact of Social Media on Arab Spring. “With RWorthy, the public can have a true indicator of the news they read and if it is a true read worthy”, said Dr. Baker. The RWorthy indicator consists of several factors, the source of the news, tweets and retweets sources, Facebook likes and shares, freshness of news, impact, coverage, and other several factors. The idea came from the fact that more and more people reading the news from social media sources without questioning its sources and actually trust it, while it is being misused by others. This was very clear from the three years research Dr. Baker did on the impact of social media news on Arab Spring.  So next time you read your news from the social media, make sure to look for the RWorthy indicator.

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