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PRLog (Press Release)May 3, 2014 Ready for the newest wave of online lottery? From the latest lotto news to helping pick your numbers, Lottosend is available to assist with your international lottery needs.  According to their website from when I am writing this, there are 6 days and 12 minutes and 20 seconds for me to play their EuroJackpot! They also have the deadlines available for EuroMillions, MegaMillions, Powerball, and SuperEnalotto down to the last second.

With Lottosend, players can access international lottery games quickly, easily, and most of all, safely! Until now, lottery has never been this easy. Currently Lottosend is perfecting their mobile applications and websites to provide the most user-friendly experience for their fellow Lotto players.

Lotosend does not sell tickets. Instead, think of Lottosend as your friend, or trusted co-worker that you send down to the store to purchase your ticket for you while you finish up your work or cook up lunch, or while watching the big game. While Lottosend can’t promise you a jackpot, what Lottosend can promise is time saved, and as the old adage says, time IS money! Lottosend is the ideal company for any lotto player with a busy and productive lifestyle.

About Lottosend:

Lottosend is a simple and trustworthy lotto manager that allows you to play in lotteries all over the globe from the comfort of your computer or your mobile device. Their slogan “Pick your numbers, we’ll do the rest” really tells it all.

You pick your numbers online or through a QuickPick and an agent goes to a local lottery distributor and purchases your ticket for you. Once Lottosend has your ticket, it is scanned and uploaded so you can see and it is confirmed that the agents have your ticket. If you want your physical ticket, your ticket can be sent to you via post at a nominal cost. When the lottery is drawn they verify your numbers and if you are a jackpot winner, the VIP will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you don’t win the jackpot but win a secondary prize, the funds will be transferred directly into your account.

What else can Lottosend do for you?

Not only can you purchase your tickets through an agent via the Lottosend website, you can see the upcoming deadlines, view the most recent results for the listed lotteries, as well as view the past results in case you were too busy to remember to look.  If you aren’t familiar with some of the lottery games offered, Lottosend has that information on their website. They have everything from the history, to the highest jackpot, how to play and more! Lottosend can help you familiarize yourself with the global lottery market that you might be missing out on.


The Lottosend family is a trusted group of those trained in technology, marketing, gaming and products and they know how to maintain a professional company, with their main goal to please the customer. If you have any questions, a live chat is also available on their website.

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US +1 201 500 6359

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