Local Newspaper to Expand to Monthly Publication


TRENTON, Mich.May 18, 2016PRLog — After six years of publishing the monthly Trenton Trib newspaper, partners Joe Hoshaw Jr. and Kathy Kane have announced that, due to increased demand, they are doubling the publication’s monthly distribution,

Beginning with the June issue, 10,000 papers will be distributed to more than 175 locations adding an additional five outdoor stands and 15 new indoor stands. The increased press run will provide 2,000 copies to Grosse Ile and 3,500 to Trenton, with the rest being placed at various locations throughout  the Downriver area. Specific locations are listed and updated here http://www.trentontrib.com/ where-to-find- your-trib.

The Trib previously was printing 5,000 papers monthly. Demand has grown steadily though, and accelerated when the publication extended its coverage to Grosse Ile last fall.

The original publication had the goal of providing a news outlet that focuses solely on the city of Trenton, its residents and business owners. “When the Ile Camera closed its doors in 2015, we realized this was a great opportunity for us,.” said Co-Publisher Hoshaw, “Grosse Ile community advocates, led by Pam Frucci, helped us to gather enough information to be able to provide a few pages to begin with.  The response by residents has been very favorable and we hope to continue to grow our budding role as a key source of information for the community.”

The Trenton Trib will continue concentrating on Trenton news and information that emphasizes the community’s positive attributes with an interesting and uplifting approach, while extending that same approach to Grosse Ile under a newly-developed Island Beacon heading.

Along with publishing a monthly print edition, The Trenton Trib also publishes local news and advertising online at www.trentontrib.com.

“The increased circulation is basically due to increased demand,” Kane said. “And we have made an executive decision not to raise our rates for current advertisers until 2017 nor ever charge for our free paper. This will give advertisers seven months of basically double distribution for no extra charge. We know the extra papers will benefit the entire community”

Since so many readers had asked the how they could help the Trib grow, the partners also came up with was a new twist on the old “voluntary pay” concept. This resulted in the creation of a membership program for readers and supporters that was named “Team Trib.”

Membership plans begin at as little as $ 1 a month and progress to a number of other levels with various exclusive member benefits. Sign up can be done by mail or by going to www.patreon.com/ trentontrib .

To place an ad, call (734) 676-0850 or send story ideas, press releases and pictures to info@trentontrib.com or visit the website trentontrib.com. .


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