Linkem delivers ‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’ through Cloud4Wi


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 26, 2014SAN FRANCISCO Cloud4Wi Inc., a leading provider of cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions, today announced that Linkem, the pioneer of the broadband access in Italy with more than 200,000 subscribers in the Italian nationwide territory, has chosen Cloud4Wi for the delivery of the new ‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’ offering to venues.

Cloud4Wi allows Linkem to easily provide customers next generation managed Wi-Fi services to monetize the Wi-Fi. The applications hosted in the Wi-Fi marketplace really add value to the Wi-Fi. They enhance the experience of online users thanks to a completely custom interactive splash portal. Plus, they boost the Wi-Fi business through location-based services, advertising, marketing activities and analytics.

“Today the Wi-Fi is a basic commodity. People want to get Wi-Fi anywhere and anytime and, most of all, free-of-charge. So venues need to find a Wi-Fi solution to monetize their Wi-Fi. Thanks to the first Wi-Fi marketplace, Cloud4Wi perfectly addresses that challenge. We are delighted to be working with Linkem and look forward to hearing how our solution is helping ‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’ to grow.” said Andrea Calcagno, CEO of Cloud4Wi Inc..

‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’ is a virtual community that includes venues located in the same city and offering free Wi-Fi access to their customers. Joining ‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’, venues can get several advantages. They can promote their special offers to all members of the Community on the mobile portal. They can provide their customers easy-to-use applications to enjoy their stay in the shops. They can use powerful marketing tools to retain their customer base and acquire new customers, as well as analytics tools to get customer data. They can promote their brand leveraging the social Wi-Fi.

“Thanks to Cloud4Wi, we have been building our ‘Linkem Wi-Fi Community’. The Wi-Fi marketplace offers venues useful applications to grow their business, enabling them to create loyalty programs and market their customers. The analytics tool, in addition, allows venue to get real-time information about their customers to improve performance of marketing activities and better understand the habits of the customers.” said Marco Filippi, Head of Wi-Fi Business Unit of Linkem.

About Cloud4Wi

Cloud4Wi is a leading provider of next generation cloud Wi-Fi solutions, a service designed to create a measurable business value for several market segments. Thanks to the first Wi-Fi marketplace, the innovative Cloud4Wi solution allows the Wi-Fi network owners to add value and monetize their network by delivering next generation managed Wi-Fi services. Various telco players, system integrators and vendors have adopted Cloud4Wi to address their most demanding customers

About Linkem

200,000 subscribers, 250 M € invested, 350 employees and about 1500 dealers in the Italian territory. Those are the key figures that characterize Linkem. After introducing the Wi-Fi in 2001 by creating the first and the most important network deployment for business travelers, the company continued to anticipate the market by investing in 4G/LTE in 2008. Today Linkem is covering the 100% of the Italian nationwide territory, it is deploying a proprietary 4G network with more than 1200 antennas and it is serving about 40% of the Italian population. Linkem has decided to relaunch the Wi-Fi by enriching the portfolio with new services.

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