LiceDoctors Makes House Calls in Greenville, South Carolina


PRLog (Press Release)May 2, 2014GREENVILLE, S.C. When a family is faced with head lice, they usually face frustration. Chemical products often fail to get rid of the bugs and do not penetrate the shell of the eggs. Parents are often at a loss as to how to get a handle on the situation. As the weather in Greenville heats up, so does the incidence of head lice. What is a parent to do?

LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service offers a tried and true solution. The company goes to homes of families who are infested with head lice and methodically removes bugs and eggs (nits) from the head. Their scientifically- based protocol was developed 18 years ago by the company’s own medical director.

LiceDoctors launched its in-home service in Greenville-Spartanburg in 2013 and has seen a steep climb in the number of families calling in with lice issues.  Owner, Karen Sokoloff, says that local pediatiricians and school nurses are largely responsible for the gain as many refer patients to the LiceDoctors. In addition, satisfied clients are happy to refer their friends as they know how difficult it is to eradicate a case of lice without professional help.

LiceDoctors has an old-fashioned work ethic; the company values the convenience and privacy of clients above all else. To that end, a technician will come to the client’s home day or night when needed. The service is fully guaranteed and has the seal of approval of the Better Business Bureau.

In Greenville, LiceDoctors can be reached at 864-214-6933 or at Same day service is available.

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