Kingdom of Asgard’s Consitution


PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 18, 2014 Kingdom of Asgard

Office of the King

      The Kingdom of Asgard is a new internet sovereign nation. It is a new country however that will not prevent us from operating as a real nation. We will have our own soil soon enough and we are now laying our foundation and letting everyone around the world know who we are and what we stand for. No one likes a country that doesn’t respect personal rights and security. Our first priorities before anything else is to provide safety and security for all of our citizens and government officials. There is nothing more important than to provide safety for our citizens and to make them feel secure. However with technology it seems like the governments around the world that have the capability to snoop on its citizens. The Kingdom of Asgard striclty prohibits the Government from snooping and trampling on our privacy without enough cause. Our Agents can’t just decide to look at your internet history, no they need a warrant and that warrant doesn’t come as easy as it does in most countries. We will not violate your rights or compromise your space. We believe in freedom and personal rights and as such we will not easily allow anyone or agency the capacity to do such. In our constitution it lays out personal rights along with government rights. As we will be located on a floating vessel it is obvious security will be strict on board, not for citizens but for visitors and tourists. Residences are blocked off from the general population and you need a biometric match before being allowed entry to the private area’s of the vessel. The constitution lays out the rights and laws the government must abide by as well as the rights and laws the citizens must abide by before becoming citizens or tourists. To view our constitution in full please visit our website and click on briefing room. briefing-room

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King Asgard

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