Kingdom of Asgard, New Country


PRLog (Press Release)Feb. 27, 2014BOSTON Kingdom of Asgard

Office of the King,

    The Kingdom of Asgard is an internet country that is working to become the next sovereign nation. Our plan is to create a floating platform in international waters. We will have floating cities that can connect to each other to create the single nation. This nation will be a new independent sovereign nation and will be a new kind of government. This government will be a Consitutional Monarchy under King Farrell. The Monarchy is not a normal Consitutional Monarchy as we’ll be a new country, and we will live in the 21st century, we changed things around and made it more appropriate for a new modern country. The Monarch will have limited powers once there is a Council (Parliament) , and a Supreme Councilor (Prime Minister). The Kingdom is seeking architecture firms to help create computer generated pictures of what the floating platform and floating country would look like. When we have a design we like we will release the pictures and release a press release. For more information please visit our website or email us. You may also visit our website. Thank you.

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