International Computer Concepts Releases New Line of Fast Overclocked Servers


PRLogJune 29, 2015NORTHBROOK, Ill. Chicago, IL-June 29th, 2015– ICC is a computer systems integrator and server manufacturing company based outside Chicago, IL whose 23 year focus has been on developing technology products to meet the ever-changing computational needs of institutions and industries.  Their server solutions have supported and provided benefit to many diverse environments. These include HPC, datacenter deployment, storage networks, workstations, and standalone server installations.

This summer the company is poised to release the culmination of long-term effort to bring to market several fast and overclocked servers that will elevate their company and brand to the top of their industry.  ICC is proud to announce the release of the R116V3, the R118V3, and the R218V3 – the world’s fastest overclocked systems in a 1u form factor.

When Speed Counts

Being able to produce consistent, high clock speed can be make or break many industries but there are few where the stakes are as high as that of high speed trading.  A high-frequency type of trading operation like that of Wall Street is the perfect example where within a millisecond literally millions of dollars can be gained or lost. To a company that deals in fast trading, having high speed is just as important as the algorithms that create those trades.  ICC has spent the last few years refining their products with this industry in mind. If the server can handle the rigors of Wall St, it can handle anything else that can be put in front of it.

The ICC VEGA™ High Speed Trading Solutions were designed for the finance and financial trading industry and its computation- intensive environments.  The new servers were created for the specific requirements of financial trading applications and are well suited to perform flawlessly in environments where modeling & forecasting, risk analysis, and financial strategy development are maintained.

The VEGA™ High Speed Trading Solutions series are truly the next gen overclocked systems in the market.  Not only are they now the fastest overclocked servers in the world, but they are also built to be so stable that they ICC is willing to provide a one year warranty on these systems.

“Everyone at ICC stands behind these products,” says Marketing Director Srijay Sunil.  “When designing for speed there are many things that need to be taken into consideration and engineered in such a way that the system will not only be fast but also be stable.  The designers really thought it all through. Their patented design allows both the RAM and cache can be overclocked. Also by changing the cooling mechanisms to a liquid water cooling system, the server performs at optimal speed for our clients.”

Server Specifications

Each of the new server models has been packed with power and built to support those key speed issues paramount to the survival of companies within the finance and trade industry. All models include the standard Intel® 3500 Series or Micron 500DC SSD4 Drives x 2.5/3.5 hard drive but will have variations when it comes to the processors and memory used within the server.


The R-116v3 specifications include:

·      A 1x Intel® 4-core i7-4790K Haswell-Refresh Core™Processor- LGA1150

·      Speeds of 4.0 GHz (original) and 4.7 GHz (overclocked)

·      Memory of 4 DIMMs, up to 32GB DDR3 2400 + MHz.


The R-118v3 specifications include:

·      1x Intel® 8-core i7-5960x Haswell-E Core™ Processor- LGA2011

·      Speeds of 3.0 GHz (original) and 4.5 GHz (overclocked)

·      Memory of 8 DIMMS, up to 64GB DDR4 2400 – 2800 + MHz


·      1x Intel® 8-core i7-5960x Haswell-Refresh Core™ Processor- LGA2011

·      Speeds of 3.0 GHz (original) and 4.5 GHz (overclocked)

·      Memory of 8 DIMMS, up to 64GB DDR4 2400 – 2800 + MHz

The new line of servers utilizes the most advanced hyper-speed technology so that clients are able to get the most performance out of their hardware. This is crucial to the financial livelihood of those working in industries where the difference between seconds can mean the difference between millions of dollars lost or gained.

The ICC Difference

ICC’s line of servers comes with the reputation of a company that has always maintained the high quality, speed, and efficiency of a larger technology manufacturers while keeping the flexibility and customization of boutique manufacturers.  They have succeeded in manufacturing by taking their approach and methodology of adaptability and meshing it with their quality approach. This has been backed by an ISO-certified production line and lean efficient processes.  This means that customers know that they are getting a great innovative product from a company known for its innovation, quality and efficiency.

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Srijay Sunil
Marketing Director
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