Interactive NW’s AudioForms version 3.0


TUALATIN, Ore.July 8, 2016PRLogInteractive Northwest, Inc. releases INI AudioForms™ 3.0, a speech enabled IVR forms application

Tualatin, OR, July 8, 2016 – Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI), developer of comprehensive interactive voice response (IVR) and contact center systems integration software, today is announcing the release of INI AudioForms™ 3.0, the latest version of its automated forms application for Avaya contact centers.

The additional and improved features in INI AudioForms™ 3.0 simplify form creation and enable administrators to offer options for a hands-free caller experience.

“The recent changes reflected in INI AudioForms™ 3.0 enable administrators to quickly create and deploy IVR forms that offer callers convenient features for a safer, more mobile friendly experience,” stated Danette Craig, Vice President and General Manager of Interactive Northwest, Inc. “With the addition of ASR, callers can now opt to speak their responses rather than having to find and press corresponding buttons on a device.”

New features in INI AudioForms™ 3.0 include the following:

·         Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): Callers can now be given the option to press or speak numbers and dates when responding to form questions.

·         Form Templates: Form templates can now be created and both imported and exported, enabling administrators to easily reuse forms or move them from a lab environment to production.

·         Question Duplication: Questions can now be duplicated enabling administrators to quickly and efficiently copy and edit questions that have a similar structure, eliminating the need to create them from scratch each time.


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