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PRLog (Press Release)Mar. 21, 2014WALNUT CREEK, Calif. Integrē Wealth Management, a financial services group of Raymond James & Associates, Inc., is pleased to announce that Jessica Higgins, based in Washington D.C., has joined the Integrē team to oversee the firm’s activities in socially responsible investing, known as its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) arm. Higgins will work from Integrē’s new D.C. office.

“We’ve had a socially responsible component in our investment portfolios for a long time,” says Mary Brooks, CFP®, founder of Integrē Wealth Management and managing director at Raymond James. “We reached out to Jessica for her extensive background in this area and we’re thrilled she’s joined the group. With the addition of Jessica, we’ve deepened our internal research capabilities— her expertise is reflective of the greater caliber of research that’s being done to determine not only what companies you don’t invest in, but, more proactively, discovering, through research, those companies that are leading the charge toward more sustainable operations.”

Higgins earned a double master’s from the University of Maryland, with a Master of Science in conservation biology and sustainable development, and a Master of Public Policy, with a focus on environmental policy. She earned her bachelor’s in wildlife biology from Colorado State University, and has been working in service to and on behalf of populations and the planet since she was a child. Prior to joining Integrē, Higgins worked for Humane Society International, managing animal protection programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and served in the Peace Corps in Honduras.

“I’ve always been involved in ESG arenas,” says Higgins. “And now that I’ve joined Integrē—now that I’m on board—I can put my focus and specific expertise in sustainability issues to work full-time in support of Integrē’s mission. That’s a significant difference from other firms that might have financial planners who review sustainability issues on the side—and years ahead of firms that do no review at all.”

Higgins will provide critical research in two key areas, according to Brooks. “She’ll provide the research and documentation we need about companies and mutual funds that we want represented in our sustainable portfolio, and she’ll keep us on top of issues that are most important and that are going to impact a company’s sustainability.” Brooks adds, “Through extensive and compelling research, Jessica’s going to demonstrate that you can follow a sustainable business model in your investments and still realize excellent performance.”

Mary S. Brooks, CFP®, Wealth Management Specialist
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