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For entrepreneurs searching for ways to help their company grow, experienced advice can be worth more than gold. The new platform Crowdsourcia aims at making these connections much more simple and easy, bringing companies and vetted experts together

SANTA ROSA, Calif.May 30, 2016PRLog — Few things in life are as challenging as being an entrepreneur with a company that is exploring different ways to perform more optimally, grow in size and bring in more profits.  Broadly speaking, it’s agreed that one of the most valuable things a young company can receive is expert feedback from both inside and outside their industry and market.  The challenge, for a huge number of companies, is where to find these kind of mentor-connections, who to trust and how to collaborate with them.  Answering this call, is the new group collaboration platform Crowdsourcia.  With lessons learned in a wildly successful Beta run of the platform which saw over 200 Beta users register, the platform has announced a June 19, 2016 full launch.  Crowdsourcia is also reaching out for $ 600,000 in investment, which would cover three full years of operating expenses as the platform establishes itself in the market.

“Crowdsourcing to this point has been companies exposing low paid workers in foreign countries and pitting them against each other via a winner take all contest to see who can create the best logo, web design or other piece of work,”  commented Mike Volkin, founder of Crowdsourcia.  “The true definition of crowdsourcing is the collective intelligence of the crowd. That’s how Crowdsourcia will change the industry, we have proven experts working together for the greater good of the project.” Companies can now utilize the collective intelligence of pre-vetted experts to grow their company at a much reduced cost than hiring a single consultant. This is possible through a combination of technology and finding the right experts to represent Crowdsourcia.

Volkin brings a remarkable amount of entrepreneurial and business experience to Crowdsourcia, with over two decades behind him as a serial entrepreneurial, highlighted by building and selling three companies.  He is also an accomplished marketing consultant and author of five books, including a best-seller.

With Crowdsourcia, companies pay what they want for expert advice.  They then post their project, collaborate with experts and move on to apply the knowledge and advice received to perfect the project.

Some of the areas where experts are helping companies, include investor pitch decks; improving web conversions; setting up crowdfunding campaigns; creating more effective sales copy; business and marketing plans; and much more.  All delivered by true experts in their fields who are proven leaders in their respective industries. To date, Crowdsourcia has over 650 fully vetted experts.

Feedback from Beta users has been very positive and this trend is expected to continue as the platform and number of participating experts grows.

Crowdsourcia was founded in 2015 and is located in Santa Rosa, CA. With Crowdsourcia, companies post projects and get feedback from multiple experts at once. For more information on Crowdsourcia be sure to visit

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