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PRLog (Press Release)Jan. 28, 2014 In the current issue of Efficient Manufacturing magazine, Thomas R. Cutler explored holistic material handling in manufacturing that involves elimination of poor choices and rapid identification of best possible options.  The article, titled, “Designing a Holistic Solution,” Cutler admitted that holistic material handling and manufacturing is a new concept. Product acquisitions are purchased individually without consideration to the process. According to Cutler, “Rather than strategically planning to work with a singular vendor to analyze, assess and acquire the best overall integrated solutions, purchasing managers call favorite suppliers to order a required item. It is folly and poor practice. Thin operating margins are driving more holistic material handling and manufacturing by progressive management leaders versed in lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and continuous process improvement theories.”

Holistic Material Handling best practices are demonstrated in two specific areas of quality, part damage and process errors. Part damage results from parts not being sufficiently contained, protected, or packaged thus being subject to conditions that can impair their quality (dents, scratches, and impacts). Process errors result from the wrong type or quantity of parts arriving to an operator that can cause process delays and losses.

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