iDreamBiz Creates Highly Effective Email Campaign Templates For eCommerce Businesses


PRLogJune 15, 2015NOIDA, India iDreamBiz a web solutions service provider company based in India started offering unique highly effective email campaign templates targeted especially for eCommerce businesses. The templates have been receiving a significantly high positive feedback rate and many mentions regarding the outstanding results generated on a consistent basis with their usage. The company is recognized for producing high ROI (Return On Investment) eCommerce solutions, so this is not the first time they launch something that get many online mentions.

The Importance of Email Marketing For The eCommerce Industry

Email marketing campaigns have a major role in customer acquisition and retention processes for eCommerce businesses. Today over 7% of all eCommerce transactions happen directly because of email marketing, and this percentage will probably not decrease since the usage of email marketing for customer acquisition keeps growing. With an average $ 40 return on investment for each $ 1 spent and knowing that about 91% of people check their emails daily, it is nothing but fair to say that email marketing has an essential role in the eCommerce industry.

Through email marketing eCommerce businesses send promotions, educate leads about products and services, segment leads based on interests and web activities, and perform many other activities that can make a considerable difference in the profits generated per customer.

However, one of the major problems faced on the usage of email marketing is the hardship of creating highly effective email marketing campaigns. Since this powerful business tool have many elements and takes a lot of time to master, not everyone is able to achieve great results with it.That is where email campaign templates come in.

iDreamBiz Effective Email Campaign Templates

Effective email campaign templates are composed by many elements including appealing design (developed through HTML, which allows customized formatting and graphic elements), concise structure, mobile optimization,and other advanced elements. The major role of these templates is to make the life of eCommerce businesses easier regarding executing successful email marketing campaigns.

However, although there are many email marketing service providers, most of them have no clue of what they are doing. They simply do not know how to develop and combine all the right elements for producing effective email campaign templates ( ), and that is why their templates produce ordinary results.

iDreamBiz on the other hand has developed a process which enables the creation of highly effective email campaign templates continuously, producing incredible results for the eCommerce businesses it serves every time they execute a campaign with quality content.

About iDreamBiz

iDreamBiz is a creative web solutions company based in India. The company offers high quality services on many different areas. It is specialized and has several years of experience on the fields of Online Marketing, Web Development, Web Design, Brand Management and Cloud Hosting. The company has a major focus on offering high quality affordable services in order to generate the highest possible return on investment for its customers.

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