How to improve vastu of your house and office with vastu consultant


We have seen people consulting architects for the construction of their houses.These architects draw the design of the house and according to this design, houses are built.

DELHI, IndiaMarch 26, 2016PRLogWHAT IS VASTU?

We have seen people consulting architects for the construction of their houses.These architects draw the design of the house and according to this design, houses are built. This design containsarches based on geometrical calculations and collaborations which make a house spacious and beautiful. But along with architecture, a house also needs some other things like vastu. As said in Indian mythology, there are various deities who own every particular direction and every corner of the house. Any wrong belonging can upset them and that can upset your life. Every plot has its own energy about it and this energy affects the person living on it or making living on that. The house or office made on that land is affected by those energies and if those are not made according to vastu, these energies can affect you adversely.

There are various examples of vastu in history likea Hindu temple in Cambodia, which is renowned in the world;AngorWat is exactly made as the way defined in ancient Indian vastu. Vastu vidya is the knowledge of perfect place or direction of every part of a house or office. Modern architecture now comes with vastu experts with it. Everyone wants the openings, exits, staircases, kitchen, place of worship etc at a proper place. Vastu ensures your happiness and success of one’s life. Vast synchronizes the energies of a place and makes a place auspicious.          WHAT IS VASTU SHASTRA?

Vastushastra is the study of vastu i.e., study of proper place and directions that belong to a particular god or goddess. According to vastu shastra consultant, the energies of sun, moon and stars affect the energies of a place. Vastu shastra tries that all such energies are at harmony to make your life blissful. Vastu shastra gives tips for the construction of an office or a house to make your life peaceful. It is an ancient science which helps a place to accept those energies which are already dwelling at that place in such a manner that it changes the owner’s life in a positive way. For example, kitchen should be made in the south- east direction or the second choice should be north- west because it is the place where food is cooked and proper direction will absorb all the negative energies. Like that, the direction of office’s entrance, working table etcalso affects the success, gain and other prospects of the business.

 HOW TO IMPROVE VASTU OF YOUR HOUSE AND OFFICE?      Home is the destination where all of us return after all our work and this place should be peaceful and calm, where our families can be safe and sound. However; the happiness, wealth and prosperity of our families depend upon the vastu of our house. A mixture of bad or negative energies can proved to be destructive. Wrong vastu of a house attracts bad spirits and some people experience paranormal activities and example of it can be seen in the movies and serials. Every part of a house should be made at its own place for obtaining blessings of the deities. Varun, Aditya, Kubera; all have their own place and value and according to beliefs, if they get angry they can cause pain in your life. Vastu can lead something evil into your lives. People meet accidents, go to depression, have a loss of stress; this can all happen due to vastu also.          Office is the place where one goes for make a living. Offices should also be constructed in accordance with vastu. Money can make a person and money can destroy a person. So, one should not mess with the place of making money. Vastu of the office affects the profits, goodwill, any incidents or accidents too. We often get confused and do not recognize anything as vastu dosh but all troubles in our lives can be due to vastu.

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