How to Fix AT&T not Sending Emails


LOS ANGELESJune 11, 2016PRLog — Users can be in for a surprise too since the AT&T not sending email problem being faced by them. These problems occur without any notice or when the user ignores out on the update sent by the AT&T technical support team. If mail services are not working then one might have to face problem if it is used as official mail sending and receiving interface.

In case your AT&T account not sending email problem occurs for those who know about IT and various tools they might try clear up option to fix the issue. It might come across during the fix session that the problem might be with the AT&T account itself.

What might have caused this issue?

1.      It might have occurred that the AT&T would have gone from account of POP to IMAP leading to the problem in mail functioning.

2.      On a more technical term it would mean that Incoming mail server had altered from to

3.      Similarly the outgoing mail server had changed to from

4.      This might also lead to change in port from 995 to 993

5.      On a general note a notification might have been sent to the user but this piece of information may have slipped the eye and so was not taken into note.

6.      For those users who are operating OS as Linux, contain an AT&T account, and abruptly find that the Mac email is not distributing the email then the best thing to do is to delete the account and add it back all over once more.

In case the issue persists then get hold of a technical professional who can help in fixing the issue by checking all set-up information and make the mail account functional again.

For AT&T technical support visit: att-technical- support


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